Susanne Stark


Susanne is a multi-talented Maui artist who is driven to create and explore many art forms.

Susanne is greatly influenced by the art she experienced while living New York City during the 80s, and 90s. "It was an exciting alive time to be New York especially in the Arts in downtown Manhattan and Soho.

In 1998 she moved to Maui Hawaii and thus has been in many acclaimed art shows and galleries. Her work is in Collectors homes all over the world. Susanne's art is intuitive, painterly and vibrant. She has a love for nature and a feeling for beauty.

Her Hungarian/Swiss musical background is expressed in her free abstract style.

"An incredible colorist, she creates a symphonic vibration on what ever surface she's working on. Her style is eclectic and continually evolving! "Brenda Taylor NYC Curator and Gallery owner